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As products fail or fall out of use, their functionality may fade, but their value as a source of vital materials for new industry doesn’t. We can help you deliver unwanted materials back into the production cycle so others can use them — and we'll pay you for your troubles!

Get your unwanted materials back

into the  production cycle

  • Copper recycling

    •   Aluminum recycling

  • Brass recycling

  • Steel recycling

  • Iron • Junk Cars

  • All Scrap Metals

  • Stainless Alloys • Lead • Insulated Wire

  • Usable Inventory

  • Old Machinery Equipment


Cash is paid for the following items

In addition, we offer cleanups and cleanouts. We also have industrial-pickup services available. Still have questions about our services. Check out our frequently asked questions page or just give us a call and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

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- Family owned and operated

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